The Shore

project details
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Playing: Kaliope
  • Director: Dionysius Zervos
  • Studio: Ethos Cinema
  • Website: see here
  • Trailer: see here

Hungering for some quality alone time with her new boyfriend, single mother Kaliope Harris (Izabella Miko) leaves her young daughter, in the care of loving grandmother Mrs. Harris (Lesley Ann Warren-VICTOR VICTORIA, SECRETARY, THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES). An idyllic day at the beach turns to tragedy for the Harris family, however, when in the blink of an eye the precious young Anna seemingly disappears into the vast sand. While Mrs. Harris struggles to accept the startling disappearance, her enraged husband (Ben Gazzara-BUFALLO ’66, ANATOMY OF A MURDER, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR) hounds the authorities to step up their search and comb the beach in a desperate bid to retrace Anna’s every step on that fateful and tragic day. Kaliope does evetything to find herself in this new world. It’s an eerie mood poem about loss and isolation.