The House of Usher

project details
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Playing: Jill Michaelson
  • Director: Hayley Cloake
  • Studio: Think film/Abernathy Productions
  • Website: see here
  • Trailer: see here

Three years after her lover, Rick Usher (Austin Nichols-THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, GLORY ROAD), and her best friend, Maddy Usher (Danielle McCarthy) had suddenly disappeared from her life without explanation, Jill Michaelson (Izabella Miko) receives a phone call with news of Maddy’s death. Her last wish was for Jill to attend her funeral. Conflicted, Jill returns to the house of Usher, a remote New England enclave. Her love affair with Rick is rekindled as she learns he suffers from the same malady that robbed his twin sister, Maddy, of her sharp mind before taking her life. His affliction is manifested in a rare nerve condition, which renders him hyper-sensitive. Under the watchful eye of the caretaker, Nurse Thatcher (Beth Grant-DONNIE DARKO, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), Jill appears to be haunted by the ghost of Maddy, and the secret of the house of Usher is exposed.