Bye Bye Blackbird

project details
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Playing: Alice
  • Director: Robinson Savary
  • Studio: Samsa Film
  • Website: see here
  • Trailer: see here

A tragic love story set in the circus world at the turn of the century that follows Joseph (James Thierree -VATEL, TOTAL ECLIPSE), a young worker who falls in love with Alice Dempsey, the trapeze artist (Izabella Miko). In order to be with her, he teaches himself how to fly on the trapeze and creates a “bird act” for the two of them. He needs to also impress Alice’s father Lord Dempsey (Sir Derek Jakobi- GLADIATOR, HENRYV). Although it seems that nothing can stop the young lovers, life’s obstacles and tragic events abruptly end their love affair. Bye-Bye Blackbird is a tale of dreams, unrequited love and the flight in every trapeze artist’s soul. Stunningly original, a visual feast. Original soundtrack by Mercury Rev